Bupa – Attracting highly qualified nurses

Bupa is a leading international private healthcare group. With its origins and headquarters in the UK Bupa serves 190 million customers in 30 different countries.

Bupa had an urgent need to attract and recruit more nurses and to decrease turnover. Following a country-wide research programme including one on one interviews and focus group discussions, we analysed the facts and created the proposition: "Be the nurse you want to be.” The creative campaign highlighted not only the technical skills Bupa nurses have, but also the relationships they build with their patients.

My role

Concept, Lead Designer, Art Direction

Working alongside the Creative Director we spent two weeks immersing ourselves in the world of nursing, trying to truly discover what it means to be a nurse. I'm very fortunate that my sister is paediatric nurse so I spent some time asking her about her job and what makes it special. She told many stories how the little things she does for patients mean the most to her. It was this relationship and these moments that I wanted to capture. During the research process I discovered an artist's whom had drawn his nurses and wrote poems about them whilst ill in hospital. This led to the creative concept of commissioning an illustrator to capture these moments.

Being authentic

Defying industry conventions we commissioned renowned journalistic illustrator Matthew Cook to capture real snapshots that defined the nurse-patient relationship. Combined with accounts that spoke about the relationship in the patient’s own words made the final outcome evocative and eye-catching.

Practical outcomes

The final outcomes were packaged up with a messaging structure that was easy to adapt into vacancy ads, films and more. We ensured that the final toolkit was  both easy to use, authentic, inspiring and had a long shelf-life.