KJUS – Creating an unforgettable adventure

KJUS are a Swiss sportswear company originating from an idea by Olympic ski champion Lasse Kjus and the Swiss entrepreneur and avid golfer Didi Serena. Made with high-performance materials KJUS is an adventure brand with  innovation and distinctive clean design at its heart. The challenge was to tell their story in a way that engaged the target audience of golfers. A multi-channel campaign was developed that got them to share KJUS content and competitions with their friends and followers.

Completed at
Chord London

My role

Designer, Concept development, Art Direction

With two founders, one being a skier and one being a golfer, adventure is in KJUS’ DNA. This was the perfect foundation to build the campaign around. We came up with a competition where the winner would could fulfil a dream by getting  to play a round of golf anywhere in the world. To build anticipation and intrigue for the competition we wanted to tell the story of KJUS’ founders which included their dedication to focusing on the smallest details. In two films we had Lasse and Didi tell stories about how visualizing and planning can make or break your sporting adventure.

Handing the adventure over to users

Golfers have a desire to find that unique or special moment, whether it's perfecting their swing or enjoying some of the most spectacular scenery in the golfing world. We could have easily compiled a list of amazing golfing adventures and asked users to select their favourite course. But we thought that it was not the best way of engaging people. Every avid golfer has that one course that they dream of playing on but because of cost or logistics it has just never happened. So we asked users to enter  their course and explain why it was their dream to go there.  To win the top prize, entries needed to gain the most votes. This encouraged users to use social media  to galvanise support and resulted in a really successful campaign.

Adventure's realised

The two winners of the competition couldn’t of chosen two more stunning locations for a round of golf. First prize went to Kasper Meijer who played a round on the Legend’s Signature course in South Africa, whilst trying to avoid hitting his ball towards the lions and zebras patrolling the bunkers. He fulfilled his dream of teeing-off from the Hanglip Mountain, the extreme 19th tee, that sits 400 meters above an Africa-shaped green. Second prize went to Thilo Brunner, who won a midnight round at the Lofoten Links in Norway. Deep in the arctic circle it is designed to fit directly in the landscape with beaches acting as bunkers and with a 24-hour green fee between June and August when the sun doesn’t set.