KJUS – Launching a world's first

KJUS are a Swiss sportswear company creating premium products using the latest in technology, craft and skill. KJUS's latest innovation, Freelite is the world's first fully knitted ski-jacket. Created entirely from a single yarn, the new knit material offers double the stretch of a normal woven fabric, allowing unprecedented freedom of movement. The challenge was to create the brand and launch campaign that would position Freelite as the next innovation in ski apparel.

Completed at
Chord London

The launch of the Freelite took on three parts, creating the branding, the Art-Direction of the photography of the product and a film to convey the message of freedom of movement. Taking inspiration from the single yarn construction of the material, the Freelite mark is based around the repetition & layers of an intricate weave. Using simple lines the logo has sophistication representing the products unqiue qualities and detailed craftsmanship. The photography focuses on the tactility of fabric, through a combination of movement and dramatic lighting. The film draws parallels between the expression of a contemporary dancer and alpine skier. 

My role

Art Direction

Dynamic elegance

The photography explores two tones within the background to focus on the dynamic shape of the model as they cut the frame into two zones. One representing the sporting drama, the other the lightness of fabric of Freelite. 

Freedom of movement

Dance is the ultimate expression of unrestricted movement. It is in this flow and rhythm that we have found unseen parallels between a contemporary dancer and alpine skier. The product film draws on these parallels, to position Freelite as the catalyst for a transition into the state of being lost in the moment. Making the wearer feel ultimate freedom on the slopes.