On – Launching an apparel line

On are a Swiss running company who have revolutionized the running world. Their ‘CloudTec’ technology was and still is the first cushioning system which is active when you need it the most - when you push off. On running shoes allow runners to land soft and push off hard, providing the optimal running experience.

After six years of growing their running shoe business, On set out to launch their first line of apparel. Manufactured from the highest quality materials, designed to be stylish and engineered to be effortlessly practical for the most discerning runner. The launch had to communicate information about the line to customers but also it needed to help reposition and advance On’s market position in the years to come.

Taking inspiration from the products, the apparel photography used light to focus on the weightlessness and tactility of the materials, the craftsmanship of the manufacturing and the beauty of the design. By putting the items on a model, we could demonstrate  flexibility and  create motion within the photography. This made it possible to showcase how the product sits on a body while it moves, helping customers make quicker purchase decisions.

My role

Lead Designer,
Art Direction,
Content creation

How it moves, how it feels

Seeing how the product reacts to the body movement best showcased how it would feel to the wearer. Rather than create 360° rotation of the model, instead a unique movement was conceptualized for each piece which individually focussed on different details of the product.


Taking it online

Building on the work previously done on the new On responsive website, the apparel product pages were redesigned to focus on specific details. This helped emphasize the benefits of each products. We added a module to complete the look with other apparel items or shoes to upsell.