On – Taking On to the trail

On are a Swiss running company who have revolutionized the running world. Their ‘CloudTec’ technology was and still is the first cushioning system which is active when you need it the most - when you push off. On running shoes allow runners to land soft and push off hard, providing the optimal running experience.

After six years of launching several traditional running shoes, On aimed to  capture the trail running market, with their first trail specific shoe line called the ‘Cloudventure’. With three different shoes in the family; Cloudventure, Cloudventure Midtop and Cloudventure Waterproof, the launch needed to capture the runner’s imagination and demonstrate the shoe’s superiority to other options on the market. The key was to focus in on the technology and also to explain the differences between the shoes and  inspire runners to take up trail running in a Cloudventure.

Drawing on On’s heritage and the unique landscape of the Swiss Alps, we developed the concept of ‘Born in the Swiss Alps’. To help emphasize On’s legacy, we concepted a short film which focused on one of On’s co-founders, an ex-professional Triathlete, Olivier Bernard, talking about one of his favourite trail runs ‘The Ridge’. Further to the film, while still building on  on Olivier’s credibility, we made sure to keep the product front and centre on the campaign microsite, bringing it to life through a series of simple animations and interactive elements.

My role
Lead Designer, Concept, Art Direction, Content creation

Bringing the benefits to life


We had to highlight the differences between the three Cloudventure shoes in an engaging way so that customers could decide which suited them best. We did this by combining a simple animated line with a series of still images that change as the customer scrolls down the page.


Venture guides

To further inspire runners to take up trail running, we curated a series of editorial interviews with triathletes, skiers, mountaineers and pro-cyclists talking about their favourite trails and their love of the outdoors.