On – Responsive commerce

On are a Swiss running company who have revolutionized the running world. Their ‘CloudTec’ technology was and still is the first cushioning system which is active when you need it the most - when you push off. On running shoes allow runners to land soft and push off hard, providing the optimal running experience.

With an expanding product range, the objective of On’s new digital platform was to enhance the customer experience across all devices. We needed to achieve this whilst also allowing for a rich content experience that would enable conversation around the benefits of their products and create a seamless route to purchase.


Completed at
Chord London

My role

Lead Designer, Concept, Art Direction, Content creation

‘Effortless running’ is On’s mantra and this became the creative inspiration for the new website. We took  a minimal approach to design to allow us to make ‘heroes’ of the products and enable users to make faster purchase decisions. From 360° rotations of the shoes, to animating the product benefits and creating a bespoke storytelling e-commerce system, the new website enables On to effortlessly communicate to their customers and increase sales in the process.

From all angles

When a shoe catches your eye in a store, the first thing you do is to pick it up and give it a quick spin in your hands. To create that same feeling online meant that we needed to take  the product spin to the next level. 72 images created a fluid multi-angle rotation that let the most fashion conscious runner take a visual test drive.

Personal shoe assistant

On prides itself on its CloudTec technology and the meticulous engineering that goes into making their products. To best explain these we created videos, animations and interactive content so users could understand what sets On apart from other running brands. We combined this with user reviews to add a trusted opinion of the On running community.

Creating stories and driving commerce

One of the challenges for the new On website was to create a storytelling space to upsell their products. A super flexible modular system was created to allow On to create pages quickly and easily. Combining the pages with targeted emails, the ‘CLIP’ pages drove both traffic and sales up in a big way.

The numbers speak for themselves

The new On website has helped increase sales and brought new eyes onto the brand.

Conversion up by 150%
Sales up by 300%
Organic search traffic up by 180%