Solar Cloth Company – Digital repositioning

The Solar Cloth Company is a solar power systems integrator, specializing in bringing solar power to applications where traditional silicon panels are impractical. As a new and quickly evolving technology, our task was to clearly explain the core benefits of flexible solar solutions to potential customers.

Completed at
Chord London

My role

Lead Designer, Concept, Art direction, Content creation


Technology sits at the heart of Solar Cloth Company, through their research and development they are constantly innovating for their clients providing smart and efficient energy solutions. Inspired by architectural drawings and engineering diagrams, we used the re-design of the website as opportunity to help reposition the company as a more scientific, technical and evolving brand. We did this by developing a refreshed colour palette, taking a more modern approach to typography, designing a simplified logo and creating beautiful photography and illustrations. Alongside these visual elements, a content strategy including blog posts, opinion pieces and case studies was created. In particular, case studies told the story of each of project through well written copy, beautiful photography and engaging statistics.

CIGS technology (or Copper Indium Gallium Selenide solar cells) aren't all about looking good. The simple form hides a wealth of features and benefits that we took great care to explore and understand. Through richness of animation and the simple textured illustrations we helped explain the innovation that is at the heart of Solar Cloth Company to their customers.

Flexible innovation

Getting to know their customers

One of the challenges Solar Cloth Company faced was having no way of identifying the type of visitors to the website and also whether the visitors could understand what Solar Cloth Company could offer them. We created a lead qualifying tool that guides prospective new business through a series of contextual questions. Capturing this data helped Solar Cloth Company analyze their visitors’ requirements and develop new business opportunities.